Saturday, 18 September 2010

Alternative London

Found twenty years ago in an old trunk in an appropriately scuzzy 'student house'/squat.

A countercultural guide to life, or a sort of Hitchhikers Guide for London hippies.
It's 250 pages are densely packed with information for every eventuality, including how to get free 'phone calls, squatting, DIY, eating, drugs, 'police hassle' and the law, arts & crafts, self-development, politics and sex. A relic from another, simpler age when it was still just possible to attempt to provide such a compendious guide.

Published by Nicholas Saunders and Wildwood House
5th edition


  1. I loved this book as a teenager; its glimpses into another, underground, world thrilled me. It also gave me a taste of censorship, as the copy in our school library had the addresses of various Irish Republican organisations blacked-out in marker pen!

  2. That's a pretty radical book to have in a school library!

  3. Yeah, Glimmung - that occurred to me while writing that comment. I have a feeling it was a reference book, so the librarians could keep a close eye on who was reading it. It's also odd, of all the things that you might choose to censor in it, they chose Sinn Fein's address. As I recall it was full of a lot more "practical" information that a teenage boy might put to bad use.

  4. Heh, Sinn Fein's address censored but detail drug section approved. Maybe that's a progressive education.