Thursday, 16 September 2010

Buck Fuller in the 21st Century

Our colleague IcelandBob's radar station post reminded me of Buckminster Fuller's geodesic architecture.

 The design not only looks like a Dan Dare sketch made flesh, but the triangular elements provide a rigidity allowing structures built this way to be self-supporting. How can one resist Spaceship Earth (above) at the Epcot Centre? Part of the attraction also emanates from these buildings' hauntological quality, a sense of a future that never quite came to pass, a revolutionary concept that will always be regarded as a mere novelty.

Can't you imagine reclining between Brian Aldiss and Cornelius Cardew, sipping a Tom Collins and exchanging Confusian aphorisms and matters of the day?

The Eden Centre in Cornwall (above) keeps the spirit alive with it's location in a disused quarry being (in my opinion) an unspoken nod to Dr Who,  but I won't be satisfied until the International Space Station looks a lot more like the ship from 'Silent Running'.

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