Friday, 17 September 2010

Noggin on telly

Apart from 'Dr. Who', most of my earliest TV experiences were either American or 'Continental'. As I recall it, British television for kids during the early seventies Summer holidays seemed to consist of long cancelled US imports like 'Champion The Wonder Horse', 'Whirly Birds', 'Casey Jones', Johnny Weismuller 'Tarzan' films, 'Flash Gordon' and redubbed European shows like 'The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe' and 'White Horses'. The exception to the rule for me, and my favourite of the lot, was the very British 'The Saga Of Noggin The Nog'.

Black and white, basically animated, carried simply by story telling, lovely, evocative music and Oliver Postgate's voice, I would watch it on our big wooden (colour) telly and, from the opening notes of Vernon Elliot's gently mysterious score, I would be transported to a far away Northland of long ago for ten soothing minutes, before putting my wellies on and going into the woods next to our house to run around with a stick making machine gun noises until tea time.

Anyway, here's a clip. As a long-standing insomniac, I often watch either the Nog or 'The Clangers' to get off to sleep - not because they are slow and soporific, but because I find them almost hypnotically relaxing. Wonderful stuff.

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