Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pur Down BT Communication Tower, Bristol

During my childhood, the Pur Down Communication Tower seemed to be visible on the horizon wherever I looked, a constant yet distant presence, forever beyond reach, mysterious yet somehow comforting.

It looked (and still looks, despite no longer having the giant antenna dishes that originally earned it the 'cups and saucers' nickname) a bit like a prop from a Gerry Anderson series, and in my fevered young imagination it was a radar for space communication, or the HQ of some computer genius like Joe 90.

I've lived all my life in Bristol. The tower has been there all that time (it was built in 1970, the year after I was born). Yet somehow I stopped noticing it for years and years. It's only recently come back on my radar - and now I seem to see it everyday, everywhere, again. I've started taking pictures of it on my mobile phone (two recent examples from my study series included in this post - lots more by other people here) and I've decided that I'm going to go and visit it - get up close, for the first time ever.

I'm not sure when...but soon...


  1. I taught my girlfriend to ride a motorbike on the service road up to the tower. I see the road is blocked by a locked gate, with access for walkers and cyclists. Boo.

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