Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wilf Lunn is...

If you look at the first line of the second paragraph of the back cover blurb, you will notice that a word (or two) has been censored from the description of Wilf Lunn. This isn't very clear on the scan but on the book itself a mysterious black rectangle has been printed over the offending letters.

But Wilf is innocent!

What fitting word or phrase do you think is missing? Answers in the comments box please.


  1. Sorry. I read an interview with Wilf Lunn not so long ago, and he answered the question there. The answer is, of course, 'Brains'.

    The shows producers and creators took umbrage at him being promoted as such an important part of the programme, as they just saw him as an odd bloke that popped up every now and again to do wacky stuff.

    To his credit, Wilf wasn't bothered and said that their description was far more accurate.

  2. Ah, you've done your homework! Well done. I'm sure you'd win a Found Objects pencil if such things existed.

    The show's creator, who complained about Wilf's description and to whom the book was dedicated, did later sack Wilf.