Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mind Alive

Mind Alive is a new kind of encyclopedia that is published in 120 weekly Parts and builds week by week into a complete eight-volume work of reference.
Text in italics taken from  the inside sleeve of the 1968 Marshall Cavendish Publication Mind Alive. A friend of mine recently came across a large number of these and very kindly passed a few of them on to me. 3'6 which if I remember right is seventeen and a half pence. Bargain!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Books for your Children.

Here are some books (and a periodical) that I rescued last week from a skip outside a university Educational Studies department. There were a lot more old textbooks, teaching manuals and the like too - I just grabbed the ones with eye-catching cover art. I would have made an effort to alert enthusiasts of vintage educational literature to this haul, but by the following afternoon it was all buried under smashed up plywood and paint tins, and a day later it was all gone. Quite a shame.

Sadly ‘Marianne Dreams’ and ‘The Owl Service’ (the two of these I’d actually have most liked to read) are all torn up with lots of missing pages, but I like the artwork enough to want to keep them around. I also saved a few other curious volumes that I might do individual posts on in future.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Marianne Dreams

Escape into Night was a 6 part adaption of the wonderful Catherine Storr story Marianne Dreams. It was produced by ATV in 
1972. The story is basically this. A Girl (Marianne) discovers and old pencil in a workbox. When Marianne draws a house with 
this pencil, the house appears in her dreams. She then draws a boy (Mark) in the house and he to appears in her dreams. In a 
rage one day Marianne draws some strange rocks with eyes 
outside the house, but then these rocks also start to appear in her dreams. As the line between the dreams and reality get 
blurred Marianne and Mark realise that the rocks are moving 
closer to the house and they decide it is time to leave/escape 
from the house. A film version of Marianne Dreams was made 
in 1988. The film was called Paperhouse. The basic storyline of the book was used, but there where quite a few plot changes in the film. The moving Spooky Stones are replaced by an angry 
blind Ogre who is the Girls Father, Not so spooky.

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Watching Us, Watching You

ATV, 1963

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Empty Office

I found myself in an abandoned building today. The previous occupants moved out in April, leaving some interesting and occasionally poignant artefacts behind.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Hanging Gardens of Redditch

Alright, I know what you're saying.

'What Hanging Gardens? This is just Block A of the first phase of the East Mall in Redditch Town Centre.' Well do you see that tube thing? Oh, just come to between channels and have a look.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Naughty Wee Scamp

Scottish Aviation Scamp, 1965.
Spotted in a shopping mall near Loch Lomond with unidentified frightening mannequin at the wheel.

Only 12 of these gorgeous little electric cars were produced before the design was tested and found to by unroadworthy. What did they expect from a scamp?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Amateur Cine World part 3 The Innocents

Following on from my previous posts on the wonderful Amateur Cine World Magazine. I now bring you Amateur Cine World part 3 The Innocents. I recently went into Brighton with my friend Mr Stevens who was playing at Splitting the Atom IV. In between  the acts we had a stroll down to Snoopers Paradise. I was very surprised to see that they still had a few copies of Amateur Cine World Magazine floating about. So I decided to purchase a couple more of these fantastic magazines, and was very pleased to see in the December 1961 copy there was an article on the making of director Jack Claytons film The Innocents which I have posted here. Def worth a read. Both copies of Amateur Cine World have some lovely adverts in them which I am sure I will post at a later date.