Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday, 29 April 2011

Four Day Weekend

Found yesterday for 50p in Bedford. Despite the cover art this is a fairly basic 'rise of the machines/cars' story giving a 1966 vision of 2015. The tagline relates to little more than the hero's rise from a husband who is mercilessly nagged as one of the last public-transport commuters in Los Angeles to day-saver (as in one who saves the day rather than some sort of bus ticket). The Four Day Weekend refers to the optimal time for the cars to attack ... Not exactly 'The Changes' though.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Heinz Live At Rampton!

This is utterly bizarre Heinz doing a version of Telstar At Rampton Top Security Mental Hospital

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Russian Animation - Glass Harmonica

Eerie surrealist Russian animation on the evils of a decadent Bourgeois society. Feels like a cover of a Moon Wiring Club LP come to life. Comes with English Subtitles.

(Via Dangerous Minds)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mechanix 1961 Part 2

Just a few more pages from the Excellent Mechanix Magazine March 1961. I do like the heading Shrunken Heads=Growing Profits. It seems this chap shrinks Mink Heads to earn a bit of extra cash.  I really wish I had bought the whole set of these.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Demon Lover : Dion Fortune

Nikola Mihov - Forget Your Past

Nikola Mihov is a photographer and video maker living in Bulgaria. In His series "Forget Your Past", he looks at old and abandoned soviet era moments and statures in Bulgaria....

The Old Gods of Tooting.

When I was living in Tooting a couple of years back, I used to regularly see these stickers, plastered all over one particular bus shelter. I always loved the way it was just that one bus stop – I guess the Children of Odin are pretty set in their ways when it comes to the daily commute.

Until today, I’d never actually got around to following the website link, cynically assuming that the Odinist Fellowship was probably some dubious, quasi-racist ‘aryan mysticism’ kind of outfit. They still might be I suppose, but they certainly give a pretty good account of themselves on their FAQ page, emphasising the life-affirming, mead-quaffing, nature-loving aspect of their beliefs, and cannily ducking the issue of how exactly Odin and co could really be said to constitute the “Old Gods of England”.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mechanix 1961

Picked this up at a car boot sale. The chap selling them had a whole set. This one is from March 1961. I loved the article about what Astronauts will wear on the Moon. There is also an article in it about supersonic airliners of the future. And a car without a steering wheel. What is very interesting is the article on Military surveillance drones of the future (this is 1961) Will post more at later date.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Kagel's Kinema

The late Argentinian Mauricio Kagel (24 December 1931 – 18 September 2008) is one of my favourite musical composers, who also created film. I was aware of his strange and unsettling 1969 full-length feature Ludwig Van, about Beethoven, but didn't know he also made a series of rather strange shorts from the 1960s onwards. The combination of bizarre sounds and visuals are most satisfying, and they can be seen at the always amazing UBU labyrinth here.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Something of interest

I hope this could be something of interest to any of you out there who might live anywhere near Portsmouth/Southsea. On Saturday June 18th you really should pay Shndg 6 a visit.
A night of Noise, electronics, DIY sonic reverberation and drone. Which as its founder, creator & custodian of all things Shndg  Mr Stevens says "should make for an evening of  distinctly uneasy listening".
I should point out that I will be playing a live set on the night to promote the release of my album. Also live will be Mr Twister Valley himself Douglas E Powell, Thee Magic Horns, Rusty Sheriff and many more. DJ sets from Si Heartfield and Jim Jupp (Ghost Box) For more info/details visit

In The Country Of The Skin by Peter Redgrove

Hauntological Shop Signs

This for a craft shop/art space round the corner from where I live....

Intermission 5

An investigation into the supernatural legend of Alfriston Church. According to the book Mysterious Britain, 'A Supernatural agency is credited with choosing the site for this church'.

As the footage shows, our paranormal investigation team approach the Cathedral of the South Downs, and as they do so, eerie tones, silent to our ears on the day, are picked up by the camera's microphone.

This is my first post on Found Objects, a blog I've been following from the early days, and before I go any further I'd like to salute all those involved for a constant stream of fascinating oddities.

I'd also like to draw your attention to a project I'm involved in that may well be of interest.

The sleeve for this release has been designed by Luke Insect and warrants a posting too..

Monday, 18 April 2011

The One Who Set Out to Study Fear: Peter Redgrove

Portrait of Peter Redgrove by Dennis Creffield, 1965


I know a curious moth, that haunts old buildings,
A tapestry moth, I saw it at Hardwick Hall,
‘More glass than wall’ full of great tapestries laddering
And bleaching in the white light from long windows.
I saw this month when inspecting one of the cloth pictures
Of a man offering a basket of fresh fruit through a portal
To a ghost with other baskets of lobsters and pheasants nearby
When I was amazed to see some plumage of one of the birds
Suddenly quiver and fly out of the basket
Leaving a bald patch on the tapestry, breaking up as it flew away.
A claw shifted. The ghost’s nose escaped. I realised

It was the tapestry mohts that ate the colours like the light
Limping over the hangings, voracious cameras,
And reproduced across their wings the great scenes they consumed
Carrying the conceptions of artists away to hang in the woods
Or carried off never to be joined again or packed into microscopic eggs
Or to flutter like fragments of old arguments through the unused kitchens
Settling on pans and wishing they could eat the glowing copper

The lamb-faced moth with shining amber wool dust-dabbing the pane
Flocks of them shirted with tiny fleece and picture wings
The same humble mask flaming in the candle or on the glass bulb
Scorched unwinking, dust-puff, disassembled; a sudden flash among the hangings
Like a window catching the sun, it is a flock of moths golden from eating
The gold braid of the dress uniforms, it is the rank of the family’s admirals
Taking wing, they rise
Out of horny amphorae, pliable maggots, wingless they champ

The meadows of fresh salad, the green glowing pilasters
Set with flowing pipes and lines like circuits in green jelly
Later they set in blind moulds all whelked and horny
While the moth-soup inside makes itself lamb-faced in
The inner theatre with its fringed curtains, the long-dressed
Moth with new blank wings struggling over tapestry, drenched with its own birth juices

Tapestry enters the owls, the pipistrelles, winged tapestry
That flies from the Hall in the night to the street lamps,
The great unpicturing wings of the nightfeeders on moths
Mute their white cinders . . . and a man,
Selecting a melon from his mellow garden under a far hill, eats,
Wakes in the night to a dream of one offering fresh fruit,
Lobsters and pheasants through a green fluted portal to a ghost.

Dollydolly recommended works:

In the Country of the Skin
From the Reflections of Mr. Glass
The Terror of Dr Treviles
In the Hall of the Saurians
One Who Set Out To Study Fear

Well, all of his stuff really – it’s all good.


The Witchmobile

Photos of the Witchmobile and its contents. This groovy vehicle concept was created by Morris Cerullo, president of the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism ministry in San Diego, California, USA. He informs us that:

"In January of 1972, I unveiled the world's first anti-occult mobile unit . . . The Witchmobile is colorfully painted to show the 'pretty' mask being stripped off Satan to reveal the true ugliness underneath. That is what we have done, presented the ugliness underneath the bait that traps the unwary. Inside the unit are hundreds of occult items, including a real human skull and a robed satanic priest. The seemingly 'pretty' side is depicted by meditation lamps, beads, etc., as well as the more horrible appearing details."

I quite like the idea of this real-life Scooby Doo Mystery Machine-style van burning around California, with Cerullo and his good guys gang fighting the praeternatural hordes terrorising the local populace. If I had one it would be an altogether different game though... (All photos and quotes from: Morris Cerullo - The Back Side of Satan [Creation House 1973]).

Great Postwar Markets of Olde England - Coventry!

Among recent acquisitions were a set of photographs taken in and around covered markets. Why anyone would want to take these pictures I'm not sure, but I'll start putting them up over at between channels. They were taken in 1973 so immerse yourself, and don't scare that couple in the middle of the picture any more than you already have done.

Abandoned and Found Again

Found in amongst my family photographs, nobody seems to know who took this picture and where the house is. The only clue is the number '73' written on the back in pencil. Wherever and whenever, the house in the picture was long derelict and is probably now long gone.

Ghosts of Mars

Here's another re-post as the YouTubeF├╝hrer removed the previous clip.