Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Ronco Find

A few weeks ago I popped into one of the many Charity Shops that I seem to spend my time in, and found this wonderful Ronco Cordless Electric Sewing Machine in box with instructions for the top price of £2.50. I have to admit I did not buy it at first. I went home told my wife about it, who insisted that I get back there as fast as possible and buy it. The reason I did not buy it at first is that I am trying to cut back on filling our house and loft up with so much stuff (Records, Books, Posters old Computers, Keyboards etc) As you can see I parted with my £2.50 and this now sits on the shelf above the books and Albums.
Apart from this wonderful device, Ronco were also responsible for the Butoneer, Inside the Shell - Egg Scrambler ????????, The Flower Loom, The Record Vacuum, The Food Dehydrator, The Veg-O-Matic and loads more other things that we really did not need but bought.
The Ronco Company were formed in 1963 by The American Ron Popeil. Popeil was a natural salesman who initially sold his Father's (Samuel J. Popeil's) kitchen products, but by the 1970s Ron Popeil had started to sale and develop his own products. In the 1980s Ronco fell on hard times when the Banks called in all of Ronco's loans. In the 90s Popeil joined forces with QVC and sold more of his new inventions, The Ronco Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ and the New and Improved Popeil Automatic Pasta and Sausage Maker. I should point out that I do not own any of these new items from Ronco. I shall just stick with The Mighty  Ronco Cordless Electric Sewing Machine. I went out that same day and bought a lot of batteries for the new Sewing Machine, keen to sew up everything I could find in the house. Alas it does not work.  So I spent the rest of the day tinkering with iMovie instead.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Selected Radiophonic Works 4 Extra

Just a heads up about this on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Saturday July 14th at 9am and 7pm. The programme presented by Richard Coles is called Selected Radiophonic Works and is the story of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. So put the kettle on make yourself a coffee or cup of tea, because its on for 3 hours. What a rather nice way to start the weekend.

Monday, 2 July 2012