Tuesday, 19 March 2013

For one week only. This week as it happens.

Hello, what's this? Another special week of posts over at the FO sister blog Mounds & Circles?

Is it full of unnecessary sleazy British smut?

Yes, yes it is.

'Night After Night After Night' is a film from 1969, directed by Lindsay Shonteff. it's full of all the sorts of stuff we like: smut, horror, sex, perversion, cross dressing, groovy dancing. Some of us have seen it, some of us haven't. This week, however, we're going to take it in turns to watch 25 minutes of the film and then report back. We're not allowed to watch anything other than our particular segment, although we are allowed to speculate on what has come before and what is yet to come.

It might work, it might not.

If you'd like to read what's happening and see some rude pictures then have a quick click HERE, but make sure your Mum doesn't catch you at it - you could get told off.

You know you want to.


Monday, 18 March 2013

Old Things

Urban renewal in Sheffield. There are some posters in here. Some of them are very old. Formerly The Works, formerly something else, formerly Freeman Hardy Willis. Safe as houses. Traffic cone family.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


So what did you all think of Mayday?

Worth a watch if you can still catch it. Half-way between The Killing and a very 70s BBC vibe.  

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Filthy Jazz.


For no reason other than that I like them, and already had them scanned for another blog post that never came together, here are some illustrations by Wally ‘Trog’ Fawkes, from George Melly’s highly entertaining ‘Owning Up’ (1965). 

(Amazing to contemplate an era in which characters like these two could find themselves gainfully employed by The Daily Mail…) 

(Oh, and it also occurs to me that most of these would serve as perfect readymade names / headers if anyone’s thinking of starting a music blog...)



Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cine World Music for your Movies

Sometime ago I posted some copies of the wonderful Amateur Cine World magazine onto Found Objects. Last week I popped into a newly opened charity shop to have a very swift browse, and found this copy of the Amateur Cine World Music for your Movies album.
What was even more pleasing was that on further inspection it still had the original dubbing licence enclosed in the sleeve. The music is a tad predictable, but far from unlisenable.  Very handy album if you have recently been to France or Paris with your 8mm camara and need some licence free music. If so, then Side 1 track 9: Bistro is for you. A chirpy little tune full of accordiens to give you that Gallic feel. What about something to accompany your 8mm film of The Trooping of the Colour?? then it has to be Side 1 track 1: Heraldic Overture. Maybe you have just made your own 8mm spy thriller? then suspense and mystery is surely needed, Side 2 track 1: Outbreak and track 5: High Tension are the ones to use, both tracks  full of 60s Trench Coat tension and chase. Also included is the  wonderful Laurie Johnson track Las Vegas, which we all know as the Music from the long running (1962 - 1983) BBC Childrens program Animal MagicThis album really is spot on, and if I ever do get the time I will try to get some of it onto soundcloud or something like that.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Things That Exist

Presenting Things That Exist - a brand new blog all about things that exist!

If you're interested in contributing, do get in touch.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Methuen Phonic Workshop

Methuen published these sets of phonics workbooks in partnership with Price Milburn of New Zealand in 1979. They are full of jolly photographs, such as the set of minging brushes, and feature a phonically-appropriate Barrett-esque rhyme on the back cover. And there are loads of them. 'The Brand New Bridge' reminds me of the disappointing John Mills Quatermass. If you're that way inclined, you can see more here.