Friday, 31 May 2013

Jump From The Sky



Something about these paintings has haunted me since I had the original Ladybird book "Jump from the Sky" back in the early 70s. Maybe it's the pursed-lipped smile and dead-eyed pleasure of Bob as he loads up the gun. Maybe it's the strangely static action shot of the ball hanging in space, as Peter hits the bulls-eye. (And I used to feel incredibly irritated, as a child, by the way the trajectory is NOT parallel with the barrel of the gun.) Maybe it's the warm haze of proto-fascist military idyll : the sunlight and joy of boys playing with their guns. Luscious and horrifying at the same time.

Central Film Library 64/65 (COI)

The UK Govenments marketing and comunication agency was the Central Office of Information (sounds very omnious) part of the COI was the Central Film Library. Within this CFL publication are such wonderful short film titles as Atomic Energy Explained, Metals of the Nuclear Age, Living with Radiation, Project Tinkertoy, Winter Construction? can it be done?, The World of Semiconductors, Learning in Slow Motion (Training for the Subnormal) Man Machine Charts. All these films and others were available to hire, most are 2 reels and cost around 10 shillings (50p) My favorite title has to be Project Tinkertoy. What I hear you say is/was Project Tinkertoy?????? Project Tinkertoy running at 27mins over 3 reels for 15s, was an account of the joint US Navy and National Bureau of Standards project for the development of a new system for the design and manufacture of electronic assemblies???????  so there you have it. If that interests you, and you fancy a night in with a film, then put your order in now for all 3 reels of this CFL film (CAT US322) it just might not be available any more though.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shopping Precincts of Olde Englande - Hanley!

Check out the non-invasive public art in the background. For Cosmic American Needlework and a horrible fire station, look here. That is all!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Simply Not That Good

Found this lovely looking book on a recent Charity Shop patriol. I love the cover the style and the colours. Sadly the contents of the book are not very good. Which is a shame, I really thought it was going to be a gold mine of odd and interesting photos and images. But alas its all a tad basic and bland. That said it has a great front cover. Quite a few of this series on ebay, all with very good covers. Might have to get a few more of these.