Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Boy from Space BBC Study Series

My Good friend Mr Palmer recently picked up these two BBC study series LPs and very thoughtfully gave one of them (The Boy from Space) to me. The music and spacey sounds for the album were produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshops John Baker & Dick Mills. Sadly there is not really a lot of music or spacey sounds on this album, but it is still a very enjoyable listen. The Boy from Space was written by Catweazle creator Richard Carpenter.


  1. Ditto! The audio from the Boy From Space record is reproduced on the BFI DVD of the series which came out last year (highly recommended, btw). But to have the original record is something else. Were these available in yer ordinary local record shop, I wonder? Or through some mail order for teachers biz?

  2. Any chance of a rip please, Mr Keith?

  3. Will try to rip one soonish. Prob over the nxt wk or so.
    email you Andrew when its done.

  4. I am really lucky to have a Boy From Space LP. Really unlucky not to have a Ted Hughes. So it's swings and roundabouts, really.

    Damn the cosmos.

  5. Hmm, nothing received. Try glimmung55 at gmail dot com thanks.

  6. Silly me I went sent it elsewhere. The question is where?
    Never mind best I try again.

  7. Hi all!
    I have been collecting the BBC STUDY SERIES records and was wondering if i am missing any? I have posted scans here
    There is a recent one i picked up that i haven't included 'Hymns and songs' sung by the Orpington Junior Singers. Thanks for any help!