Monday, 30 January 2017

Saturday, 28 January 2017


Dear reader,

I've been doing this for a years, and I have never asked anything from you but your continued interest, so this is awkward...a friend of mine, Nick Taylor, and I have branched out into making tee shirts. The first on sale is Barney, Karate Grizzly, the first in our Power Animal series. We're not going to make any real money out of them, but we would like to get them made, so we need a minimum of ten orders. At the moment, we've sold eight...

So, as a favour to me, please check out the site and, if you like the idea or can think of someone who might, please either buy one or share the link, maybe even both. It will be very welcome, as we have lots of ideas and designs.

Just go here and see what you think.


PB / U-W

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